F12 BMW M6 Convertible

F12 BMW M6 Convertible Upgraded by BBM Motorsport, Impressive Video Released

The aftermarket specialists from BBM Motorsport tuning company, have recently customized the F12 BMW M6 Convertible, the powerful sports car receiving some important upgrades mainly under the hood, while the exterior has also received some slight changes. After the work was completed, BBM Motorsport also launched a video with their newly customized model, which showcases its revving engine and power and a few footages inside.

The F12 BMW M6 Convertible is now coming with a fine black exterior, complemented by a set of new wheels, signed by the one and only ADV.1 Wheels tuning division, which provides the model with a one-off look and stance.

F12 BMW M6 Convertible
F12 BMW M6 Convertible

Apart from the noticeable changes, the exterior could not be complete without the Akrapovic evolution exhaust system, which improves the exhaust sound while revving the engine or accelerating the car.

F12 BMW M6 Convertible
F12 BMW M6 Convertible

Now, moving under the hood, this is where the real deal is. We are talking about 700 horsepower, which is quite impressive as opposed to the stock 560 horsepower. And that, thanks to the customized and improved ECU, which gives the exhaust system that impressive growl. But enough talking! Just enjoy the video with the one-off F12 BMW M6 Convertible by BBM Motorsport! Don’t forget to tell us what you think below, on the comments section!


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