BMW X7 Rendering

Upcoming BMW X7 Rendered, Pricing and Powertrain Revealed

With the growing competition on the auto market, a lot of carmakers have understood the needs of continuously developing their SUVs bigger and bigger, while other sports cars or luxury car manufacturers have also understood the necessity of such vehicles on the roads. It is also the case of the Land Rover British manufacturer or Audi, which have gradually become the main competitors of BMW`s own SUVs.

Thus, it became pretty obvious that BMW had to re-think its strategy and come up with its own giant SUV that would compete the Range Rover or the Audi Q7 SUVs, especially on a market dominated by the latest two automanufacturers: let`s take for instance, the Asian market, where the two of them have literally dominated the entire segment. Hence the idea of creating the BMW X7, the model also being rendered and which showcases the spectacular design cues and possible powertrain under the hood.

BMW X7 Rendering
BMW X7 Rendering

Even if we are talking about a rendering, as the one seen here, the BMW X7 is a certain thing to happen, the SUV emerging on the market somewhere in 2018 and being built in an annual production of 45,000 units. Rumors also state that the BMW X7 SUV will come at around 130,000 euros.

Since BMW has had a lot of experience in developing and playing with a lot of modular platforms for the last couple of years, it was now just a simple thing to put it all together and develop something unique, in terms of performance. Thus, the BMW X7 is expected to be built from aluminum, high strength steel, magnesium, or CFRP, which would considerably shed some weight off the car`s structure.

This would make the X7 more powerful, as the carmaker is also rumored to equip the high-performance SUV with a wide array of engines, while a plug-in hybrid version will be launched as well. The model will also come with a rear-wheel drive configuration as well as an all-wheel drive layout, in the shape of the X7 xDrive variant. Looking forward to receiving more performance details in the near future.


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