2015 BMW M135i

2015 BMW M135i – Massive Photo Gallery Released

After being officially unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the 1-Series` top of the line M135i is popping up in our news, this time the German based carmaker releasing a set of new pictures with the model in Lisbon, Portugal, where it was taken for some reviews by journalists from all over the world.

The 2015 BMW M135i was thus reviewed in Portugal, with an impressive photo session to be revealed as well, showcasing the fine design cues of the model, complemented by the Valencia Orange exterior finish. As seen in the photos, the new M135i is looking bold with the wider air intakes at the front, the mirror caps now finished in Ferric Grey, while the rear apron is fitted with the the Dark Shadow metallic diffuser.

2015 BMW M135i
2015 BMW M135i

The list with the cool features continue with the tailpipe embellishers being wrapped in a black chrome, with the entire exhaust system to give the model a special and a more aggressive look.

2015 BMW M135i
2015 BMW M135i

Under te hood, the 2015 BMW M135i is bragging with a six-cylinder inline unit, which produces an increased in power, meaning 326 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque, enough to reach 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds, with the help of a manual transmission. With the eight-speed Sports automatic, the sports car is two tenths of second faster.

2015 BMW M135i
2015 BMW M135i

Unfortunately, the M135i fans in the United States will not get the chance of seeing it on their highways, as the German based carmaker will not launch the model, nor the entire 1-Series fleet overseas. Instead, the Europeans will get to enjoy it from the base price of 41,900 euros for the manual, while the xDrive version will set you back at 46,050 euros.


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