BMW i3

United States: BMW to Sell 336 i3 units in July Alone

We all knew that the BMW i3 electric would be a success worldwide, but especially on the United States market, where the carmaker succeeded selling exactly 336 units in July alone.

The sales program remains healthy, after the BMW German based automaker also managed to sell 358 in June, with the company also to stock another 1,000 units for the months to come.

BMW i3
BMW i3

The BME automaker is selling in the US the BMW i3 BEV and the i3 REx versions, with a ratio to favor the Range Extender i3.

On the other and, the BMW i3 BEV has a range of 81 miles , which is also proved to be successful in the US, while the Rev is rated at 72 miles, based only on full electric mode.

The BMW i3 is also successful due to the Range Extender` generator, which provides an extra range for the vehicle, meaning that the Range Extender starts and maintains the charging state of the battery, when it enters a low level.

The BMW i3 electric is available from $41,350 and $45,200 in the Range Extender version, the company also expecting to have huger sales in the months to come.


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