BMW 2-Series Cabrio

Long-Awaited BMW 2-Series Cabrio Caught on Camera

The long-awaited BMW 2-Series Cabrio might hit the dealership sooner than expected since it was caught on camera in some light camouflage by photographers from Inautonews publication.

It was definitely a logical step to follow the footsteps of the Coupe version, when photos with the 2-Series Cabrio first appeared, and now spied shots reveal the same features it will sport, taken from its Coupe sibling.

BMW 2-Series Cabrio
BMW 2-Series Cabrio

As seen in the shots, the BMW 2-Series Cabrio will come with some slight modifications around the camouflaged areas, such as at the front fascia, at the rear end, or around the taillights and the headlights.

BMW 2-Series Cabrio
BMW 2-Series Cabrio

As far as the interior concerns, we might be talking about the same one found on the 2-Series Coupe.

BMW 2-Series Cabrio
BMW 2-Series Cabrio

Don’t expect that the engine lineup or the technologies and performances of the 2-Series Cabrio to be different than the ones fond on the Coupe.

Why spoil something that has already proven its efficiency? Thus, we might be talking about four-cylinder units like the 2.0-liter gasoline, developing 150 horsepower, 177 horses and also 218 ponies.

More than that, the BMW 2-Series Cabrio will also come equipped with a turbocharged diesel unit that outputs 214 horsepower.

Expect a six-speed manual transmission with an optional eight-speed automatic system on all units, along with the all-wheel drive system seen on the xDrive.


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