F80 BMW M3

New BMW M3 pushed to 276 km/h

We can all agree that if you really want the best from a BMW model, it’s best that you grab the variant modified by the M Division.

BMW’s M cars have made quite a name for themselves, and for good reason, as the next video clip will demonstrate.

F80 BMW M3
F80 BMW M3

Being one of the first customers to receive the brand new F80 BMW M3, the owner of the beast presented in the video below shows us exactly what it can do when properly put through its paces. With the launch control activated, the owner steps on it up until he reaches 276 km/h before braking.

F80 BMW M3
F80 BMW M3

I have to say, it does reach that speed awfully fast thanks to the 3.0 liter twin turbo engine under the hood. The sound, a quite satisfying one at that, is actually being enhanced and played through the car’s audio system. Not many cars have such a feature, and while it will never be the same as a natural growl of a big engine, it does offer a decent soundtrack.


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