F82 BMW M4

F82 BMW M4 spotted in real life

The relationship between the medias and car manufacturers goes something like this: the manufacturers go to great lengths to build outstanding vehicles and the media goes to great lengths to acquire information on these vehicles.

Of course, information is not all that is important, as even simple pictures can make the object of an interesting article.

F82 BMW M4
F82 BMW M4

And when we’re talking about a highly coveted car like, let’s say, the F82 BMW M4, any photo is a welcome sight. Thanks to Autogespot we now have a nice little compilation of photos with said model caught in the wild. With a good resolution on the snaps and even better, no camouflage on the vehicle, we finally get to see the car without any photoshop.

F82 BMW M4
F82 BMW M4

The Austin Yellow paint job, a color especially designed for this model, also works miracles, fitting right in with the overall styling of the F82 BMW M4. With the Detroit Motor Show set to start next week, on January 13th, we will get to see even more of the BMW M4, alongside its Sedan counterpart, the M3.

Photo credit: autogespot


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