BMW Mexican Wave

New video from BMW

Sports fans out there, and not only, know what a Mexican wave is, and if you ever took part in one, you know the effect it can have on a team.

Seeing thousands of fans doing the wave can spur even the most fatigued of teams to a victory.

BMW Mexican Wave
BMW Mexican Wave

So how does that relate to the car industry, or more specifically, BMW? Well, it seems that BMW is once again showing its close relation to sports and their promotion through a nice little clip. With this new video, the Bavarian car manufacturer is gathering some attention to the BMW 6 Series, in the season of major sporting events.

All the recent BMW advertisements have been either funny or to the point, so this one is a bit of an combo breaker. but just like a player can be spurred on by a fan-made Mexican wave, so can the Bimmer fan be uplifted by a nice BMW version of it. So with any further delay, click the video below and see for yourself.


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