BMW M7 Speculation

BMW M7 rendered

BMW’s division M never got around to doing an M version of the 7-Series, although they played with the idea. The BMW 7-Series was never meant to be a mad beast eating the road. The luxury sedan makes more sense staying as it is.

Of course, for those that just must have it all, there is a M Sport pack to spice things up, but it’s just not the same.

BMW M7 Speculation
BMW M7 Speculation

And since no official BMW M7 was announced or even hinted at, the artists from Auto Projecoes decided to put out there a rendering of their idea of one.

I think it looks pretty cool. The designers also said that their version of the BMW M7 would sport the engine found in the 760Li, a 6.0 liter V12.

Their rendering seem to hit all the features that are know for the M versions of the BMWs: the lowered suspension, the wheels and front bumpers, the carbon fiber rooftop or the side skirts.

So, I would say it looks sharp and Auto Projecoes did a good job. What would you say?


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