E65 E66 BMW 7 Series

E65/E66 BMW 7 Series called in by NHTSA

It is a flagship model and it rarely ever gets complaints since it’s built similarly to tanks except only using stronger materials.

A few years down the line however, the E65/E66 (previous generations) of the BMW 7 Series is called to quarters by the NHTSA.

E65 E66 BMW 7 Series
E65 E66 BMW 7 Series

The American authority seems to have caught the aging limo off guard due to something related to the soft closing doors mechanism.

Traditionally, this wonderful piece of luxury technology is supposed to do away with door slamming and unwanted noise at any point during the day.

In a few reports coming in from actual owners, it seems that none of these doors really want to lock themselves properly. Instead, they might open altogether.

E65 E66 BMW 7 Series
E65 E66 BMW 7 Series

It’s remarkable to see how the tides turn and there’s plenty of stuff to joke about when rich people lose their money. In all truth, this is a serious problem and BMW won’t hesitate to take responsibility.

As you’d expect from a car that’s built out of more computers than the typical call center the mechanics aren’t problematic.

Something from the software components of the whole thing is what’s to blame for this problem. Nevertheless, a recall will take place early next month.

E65 E66 BMW 7 Series
E65 E66 BMW 7 Series

Affected models of this problem are built between 2005 and 2007, ones in 745i, 750i and even 760i engine options regardless of the regular or long wheelbase versions.

Even though these models have long left their warranty periods, BMW will be forced to make the fix available to customers free of charge.


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