BMW i8 Concept

BMW say PSA owes them 50 million euros

We keep getting the good news from our favorite Bavarians but occasionally it’s time for some bad ones. Pending front wheel drive, trading off on manuals are just a few things that come to mind.

Having parted ways with the French from PSA, BMW tell us there’s something a little nasty in the future due to some legal and financial issues.

BMW i8 Concept
BMW i8 Concept

Reportedly, the French side of the connection owes BMW a bit of money. Of course, when you’re this big a manufacturer, terms are slightly different in perspective.

That little bit is actually amounting to no less than 50 million euros. Is this for real, or just a jab at the betrayal from PSA and GM.

Both used to work together with BMW and have now parted ways with the Bavarians to work on their projects together.

BMW i8 Concept
BMW i8 Concept

As you’d imagine, with this being Apple, the lawsuit is a much more acceptable situation. The French company contracted BMW to build some hybrid and EV technology.

With development going along well, PSA pulled out and BMW now wants to get back the kind of money they put into the project.

This will likely lead to a very long trial and a lot of lawyer action left and right but us automotive enthusiasts are more interested in something else.

BMW i8 Concept
BMW i8 Concept

Rumor has it round that the BMW i8 would have been part of the cars that used these hybrid and EV technologies. IF that’s the case, things are a little tricky.

BMW has actually kept quiet about it lately, so let’s hope things don’t get out of hand.


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