F30 BMW M4 Coupe render

F30 BMW M3/M4 rendered

The BMW fanatics at have decided to keep their impatient hearts beating by sketching up some renderings of what the next generation BMW M3 and M4 could look.

Obviously, the F30 fan site wouldn’t spend too much time being too nostalgic about the E9x versions of the M3 and just went on ahead to produce what they think the future holds.

F30 BMW M4 Coupe render
F30 BMW M4 Coupe render

Surprisingly, though we do not expect any drastic styling cues to happen in comparison to the front end and profile of the F30 3 Series, the M3 and M4 rendering images turned out to be quite impressive.

There are no real surprises with the sedan variant but boy did they go to town on the Coupe. With the M4 body shape, the car looks more rakish.

Not only that, the lowered ride height and the extra aggressively designed aerodynamic body kit seem a little overkill. It looks great this way but BMW will almost certainly not make the car this impractical.

F30 BMW M3 render
F30 BMW M3 render

The added aggression seems to have pumped up the sedan as well but not to a similarly impractical state. Even here there’s something that will almost certainly not make it into the final product.

The carbon roof, even if the panel will be made out of the lightweight material, BMW will certainly paint it and hide the weave from prying eyes.

F30 BMW M3 render
F30 BMW M3 render

After all, though the coupe version can be a little childish and playful, the F30 M3 Sedan still needs to be a little more grown up and restrained.


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