F20 BMW M135i

BMW M235i headed for US in 2014

Good news for the United States. There’s plenty of added interest in the boosting the luxury market and as competition heats up more and more interesting cars will be headed for them.

Though all the Germans are going to hit their market with a vengeance, the Bavarians are the ones we’re interested in and we reckon they’re going to offer the most exciting stuff.

F20 BMW M135i
F20 BMW M135i

Dear Americans, the entire BMW M Performance lineup is on its way to your market with the first model to be there being a new one.

Well, more or less, since the 2 Series is actually going to be a coupe version of the already familiar BMW 1 series.

In order to make the deal sweeter for the Americans, the big engined version is going to helm the new attack. The M235i is powered by a turbocharged 3.0 liter six cylinder.

F20 BMW M135i
F20 BMW M135i

With the European version of that engine produces 320 horsepower and is capable of a maximum torque figure of 332 lb-ft.

Typical BMW smoothness is still there and the performance is just sublime when teamed to such a light and chuckable car.

Naturally, all the hardcore enthusiasts are looking forward to BMW once again going one up on their cars and creating a 2 Series M Coupe in the near future.

F20 BMW M135i
F20 BMW M135i

Frankly, that’s just an unsubstantiated rumor and great though it may sound it’s not very likely right now. If the M235i is scheduled for 2014, that follow-up 2 Series M Coupe wouldn’t turn up for another two-three years.


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