BMW M Performance parts

BMW M Performance Parts announced for Geneva

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When the Geneva Motor Show opens up, the BMW stand there will feature more than the recently unveiled F12/F13 M6 or the xDrive28i X3. It will actually include more than cars.

One pretty important display space will be granted by BMW to their special M Division. They will be displaying the new M Performance diesel lineup and a few other things as well.

BMW M Performance parts

It’s those “other” things that we’re interested in since they are the BMW M Performance Parts. Basically, they stand at the heart of any great BMW’s lovely driveability.

This is a special occasion since it’s the first time in the Bavarian company’s history that you can buy actual performance upgrades from your dealer and not just M Sport look packs.

The M Performance parts bin lineup includes exhausts, suspension components, brakes, carbon fiber aero bits, M Performance steering wheels and shifters, stainless steel pedals and a few new wheel sets as well.

BMW M Performance parts
BMW M Performance parts

All these parts will, upon debut anyway, be available for the F10 BMW 5 Series, the F20 BMW 1 Series and the newly introduced F30 BMW 3 Series. As BMW expands its refreshed product line, the M Performance Parts will be available on more products.

For all the tuning/afertmarket bits available from the M Division it’s pretty safe to assume that plenty will go for the extra horsepower option. The difference it makes is noticeable, the 2.0 liter diesels for example will be going from 185 horsepower to around 200.

BMW M Performance parts
BMW M Performance parts

The petrol-powered cars should get an even more considerable boost which doesn’t exactly counter my point about the M Performance Parts.


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