BMW introduces new features for X5 and X6 topping with new rear seat

BMW recently announced few new features which will be available for the X5 and X6 starting this spring. We talk about a new system which offers the opportunity to start your engine remotely using the key, that’s the Comfort Access system, but also a new 20-inch alloy wheels, iPod and iTouch connectivity and an improved Connected Drive system which handles easier now the most popular social networks.

2011 BMW X6
2011 BMW X6

The Germans from BMW also offer the flappy paddle gear shift system but what’s more important, a new rear seat for their sports activity coupe, the BMW X6.

2011 BMW X6 Five-Seater
2011 BMW X6 Five-Seater

Now, one of the biggest issues of the BMW X6, if we can call it like this, is mainly solved. Not all the fans of the German brand appreciated the shape of X6 when it was firstly revealed and the most invoked reason was that it offers poor visibility through the rear window and not enough room inside. The new rear seat which offers space for three passangers should be the most handy option, an additional feature which costs €340.

2011 BMW X6 Five-Seater
2011 BMW X6 Five-Seater


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8 years ago

Plz how much for BMW X6 seven seater with leather interior.

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