2009 Alpina B7 based on BMW 7 Series

2009 Alpina B7 BMW 7 Series

This is the first sketch of the 2009 Alpina B7.

The people from the Alpina tuner have decided that the BMW 7 Series looks good enough, but it should be better in performance. They’ve basically made three modifications to the exterior, but they seem to make an important difference. You can notice the front bumper, larger wheels and the spoiler from the back. They didn’t want to offer many details, but the car will surely have at least 500 horse power under the hood, the place where most modifications will take place. The original 4.4 liter V8 of the 7 Series will have to go through some drastic changes in order to develop that kind of power.

We will probably receive more information soon, but the car looks great even with only a few modifications.


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