2009 BMW Z4 Specs and Pictures

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2009 BMW Z4

The official specifications of the 2009 BMW Z4 are in. As you might suspect, there are a few versions of the car and some elements might vary from model to model.

The whole frame of this vehicle is built from steel and aluminum. This way, the car can be relatively light and still get the rigidity it needs. The 2009 BMW Z4 will weigh between 3241 and 3494 lbs with a 49.2% front to 50.8% to rear distribution. It will be 167” long and 70.5′ wide, which makes it perfect for a roadster. If you are interested about the height, it is only 50.8”. At these dimensions, the engine will easily produce the maximum stated about of 300 horse power and it will make any driver happy with the result.

I still say that the looks are the main advantage of buying the new 2009 BMW Z4, just take a look at the pictures.

2009 BMW Z42009 BMW Z42009 BMW Z4


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