Neiman Marcus BMW 7-Series

Neiman Marcus BMW 7-Series

In 2006, Neiman Marcus managed to sell 50 special BMWs M6 in no more than 92 seconds. This year, he had something special prepared for everyone who could afford it. The $160,000 BMW 7-Series appeared in the Christmas catalog. 31 cars were made and this is where the production stops.

This number is not random, but it celebrates the 31st anniversary of the BMW 7-Series. 31 lucky owners got the chance to meet the people who designed and created the BMW 7-Series, all costs included. This is truly the chance of a lifetime and 31 people will have a smile on their face for a long time.

The 31 BMW 7-Series were sold in 16th of October, but the official presentation of the car will take place at Williams in 15th of November.

Neiman Marcus BMW 7-SeriesNeiman Marcus BMW 7-Series


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