New BMW vs. Used – Buying Advices & Tips

Are you thinking to buy a BMW for yourself, but you are confused that which one should you buy, a New one or Used one? If yes, then this article will help you in finding the right choice for you.

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Which one to buy, a new or used BMW?

Let us discuss how to choose between a used and new BMW for yourself.

Find out the market value – The first thing before buying a used BMW car is to find it’s market value. For finding the market value of the vehicle, you are thinking to buy you would need to see these components of that BMW car are model, year launched, present mileage, other add-on features and overall condition of the car. If all these factors are right under a used car, then you can go for a used BMW while if you are not satisfied with any of the features above then you should go for a new BMW for yourself.

Car Condition – Under car condition, you should inspect the used car properly as you are not aware what’s the condition of that car. So you should , with the help of a service centre or with the help of an automobile expert. If the car condition is excellent and the experts say that it can work more 5-10 more years, then you should go for it. While if you don’t think the condition is good, then you can go for a new BMW.

Test drive – This is a must-have test. No matter it’s a used BMW or a new one you should go for a test drive as with a test drive you came to know about many features of the car. Such as comfort level, engine working, transmission, brakes, steering system and many other. If the test drive went well and you are okay with the car, then you can go for this used BMW while if you are not satisfied, you can go for a new BMW.

Car’s age and mileage – The next thing to check in a used car is to have a look at the car’s age and the mileage it provides. You should not only believe in the seller’s words, and you should check these things by yourself.

Price – First thing I would like to suggest is that, if you don’t have any issues regarding money, then you should go for a new BMW. While if you have a lower budget, then you should go for a used BMW, under which you should negotiate with the seller under price factor. Try to combine all the elements that you know about the car, and it can be it’s age, mileage or overall condition based on which you can negotiate. Let us assume that you got a five years old car with 60,000 miles usage then you can use this factor for negotiating purpose.


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