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BMW M2 GTS by Alpha-N Performance Gets Impressive Power

There are a lot of famous aftermarket shops out here that have developed a sixth sense when it comes to successfully customizing a BMW product, and one of those tuners is no other than Alpha-N Performance.

We have heard before about the gorgeous and exquisite tuning programs put together by the aftermarket specialists from Alpha-N Performance, especially on the hot baby-M brother.

The tuner`s kit involves the GTS aero kit, with lots of standout carbon fiber parts, up-to-date mechanics and the M4`s engine under the hood. Unfortunately for the powertrain, we don’t have the official numbers yet.

At the exterior, the BMW M2 GTS is standing out from the crowd with an impressive carbon fiber aero package, highlighted by the M4`s GTS carbon fiber bonnet, custom-built front spoiler, as well as carbon fiber roof panel and mirror caps. Let`s also not forget the rear diffuser with the same carbon infusion, along with a GTS-like rear wing for improved aerodynamics.

The overall new look is also complemented with the 20-inch BMW M Competition alloy wheels and the BMW M Performance black kidney grilles and side skirts, also seen on the BMW M4 GTS.

Besides the gorgeous carbon aero kit, the model has also received fine mechanics, like the Ohlins Road & Track adjustable coilover suspension which lowers the car`s ride height for increased stance, along with the M4 GTS ceramic brake discs.

As for performance under the hood, as aforementioned, we have reasons to believe that the M2 GTS is equipped with the M4`s high-performance engine, which is no other than the 3.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder, which now would develop a pure 450 horsepower.


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