Special BMW Cruise e-Bike Can Now Be Ordered with i8`s Protonic Dark Silver Colour

It is a custom thing for BMW to also launch a special series of bikes that would complement a new model or a famous model, like the i3 or i8.

Recently, the German carmaker has launched the availability of its hot-looking Cruise e-Bike, which comes with the same colour as the i8, namely the gorgeous and rare Protonic Dark Silver. On top of that, we are also dealing with an e-bike.

The Cruise e-Bike can be ordered from 3,500 euros, or the equivalent of 3,925 dollars. In case you like the BMW`s latest bikes, including this one here, you should hurry up, as the model is available in only 300 units.

What it is special about the car is that besides the new colour, it also comes with the Electric Blue-rims and mechanic. We should include here the “hybrid drive” which consists of a 400 Wh battery, allowing the rider a four-mode driving, like Eco, with a 50 percentage or the Turbo with a 275 percentage driving mode.

Another impressive thing is that the BMW Cruise e-Bike comes with a top speed of 25 km/h, assisted by electrical pedals and a ten-gear system, which ensures ideal transmission when riding steep slopes or doing dynamic sprints on the flat terrain,” as the carmaker explains.

The BMW Cruise e-Bike can be seen riding along the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid, in just a single photo for the moment. Hopefully, the carmaker will release an interesting media gallery with the bike. After all, it is a real pleasure seeing it in its splendor.


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