BMW X5M with Hamann Power Kit, Installation by DS Automobile

When dealing with heavy customizations under the hood of the BMW X5M and X6M, there are only two tuners crossing my mind at the moment: Hamann and G-Power, two of the most important from the tuning market competent enough to create the perfect upgrade kits.

And yes, this article involves another BMW X5M receiving a special Hamann power kit underneath its skin. The entire installation was carried out by the technicians from DS Automobile.

The BMW X5M is a big and mean German machine, big enough to intimidate everybody with its extremely aggressive bod style.

This one over here is a mean looking lad, especially with the black exterior and the Anniversary Evo alloy wheels, all finished in metallic black. Add up the flared arches and sports bumpers and you have the coolest one ever seen.

But the real beast is yet to be revealed, as the Hamann power kit brings this BMW X5M to a whole new level. The same 4.4-liter proudly sits underneath, ready to churn out a new 650 horsepower, quite massive from the stock 560 horsepower. We are not sure if the torque was also raised from 750 Nm of torque.

Again, the tuner wouldn’t offer the performance figures, but since in the stock version the SUV sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds, we suspect at least 4.0 seconds with the Hamann power kit. The topping might be still stand at an electronically limited 250 km/h.

DS Automobile has also launched an impressive photo gallery with the Hamann BMW X5M in its plenitude, enjoy and don’t forget that your opinion does count to us!


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