EV Sales Statistics for US, March 2015

BMW i3 Manages Third Place in the EV Sales Statistics for First Quarter

Even if BMW has hit the United States market with its one-off BMW i3 electric model, the first quarter of 2015 seemed to have been with a lot of ups and downs, as it had a lot to put with from its main competitor, Tesla.

The EV market is on a constant shift, with a lot of automakers to launch a lot of electric motor, which would give BMW a lot of thinking. But so far, the German based carmaker managed to survive in the top three EV most favorite models in the United States.

EV Sales Statistics for US, March 2015
EV Sales Statistics for US, March 2015

If we take a look of the statistics above, BMW had a shy beginning in January, as it only managed to sell 670 of its i3 electric model, as opposed to its direct competitor, Tesla Model S, which sold 1,100 vehicle for the same period, followed by Nissan LEAF. But February brought a slight change, with 1,089 i3 electric to be sold, while Tesla managed to score 1,150 vehicles and Nissan even higher, with 1,198 units.

March has turned the odds against BMW, managing to sell less than the previous month, with just 922 i3 electric models. On the other hand, Tesla boosted its sales, reaching 2,450 units in the same period. Nissan also have done well, with 1,817 units.

On the other side, the BMW i8 failed to reach top three, reaching thirteenth place, with just 85 units sold in January, 113 in February and a slight boost for March, with 143 units.

An interesting sales boost has had Fiat 500e, with 1,310 vehicles to be sold in March, compared to 315 units sold in February. Other models follow, with Chevrolet Volt or Ford Fusion Energi, while Kia Soul EV stands at the bottom of the list.


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