BMW i3 vs. Nissan Leaf vs. VW e-Golf

BMW i3 Face to Face with Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen e-Golf

The Autobild German magazine has recently compared the BMW i3 with the Nissan Leaf and the Volkswagen e-Golf, the models being put face to face in an all-in one comparison, concerning prices, the cabin noise as well as the electric range.

First to be reviewed was the Nissan Leaf, that was declared the best-selling electric car in the history, managing to sell 110,000 units starting with 2011.

BMW i3 vs. Nissan Leaf vs. VW e-Golf
BMW i3 vs. Nissan Leaf vs. VW e-Golf

Secondly, the Volkswagen e-Golf is the company`s first electric vehicle to start production this fall, forecasting records in the near future, while the BMW i3 is the only model to be considered the number one product worldwide, especially in the US.

BMW i3 vs. Nissan Leaf vs. VW e-Golf
BMW i3 vs. Nissan Leaf vs. VW e-Golf

In terms of prices, the BMW i3 costs 36,310 euros, being 1,300 euros more expensive than the Nissan Leaf, while the VW e-Golf is available under 35,000 euros.

The noise inside the cabin was also tested, the VW e-Golf recording 68 decibels, while the i3 and the Leaf came out with only 78 decibels.

Talking about the design, the e-Golf`s body is rather conventional with its five passenger-seats, while i3 comes with a futuristic design.

Concerning driving range, the same Autobild stated that the i3 electric has the longest range, with 105 miles from its 22 kWh battery pack, while the e-Golf finished second with 102.5 miles from a 24.2 kWh battery pack.

Do the math and decide for yourself which one managed to suit your needs.


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