BMW i5

BMW i5 Might Run on Hydrogen-Fuel Cells

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The BMW i5 has been rumored for some time, but according to a recent report from Autocar car magazine, the model might be coming soon. More than that, the new electric car might be running on a hydrogen-fuel cell system.

The BMW manufacturer might also continue its long partnership with another important carmaker which already uses the hydrogen-cell system, the Toyota Japanese carmaker, which fitted the Toyota FCV with the aforementioned system.

BMW i5
BMW i5

This means that the BMW will use fuel cells instead of batteries, meaning that the energy density will be better than the present battery technology. Unfortunately, the German auto maker will have to come up with an idea on how to best supply the hydrogen, as it is more difficult to store hydrogen than gasoline.

But surely the carmaker will find a way out, as the advantages of using hydrogen are by far the best. First off, the i5 will be able to refuel in a matter of minutes, as both the hydrogen and the oxygen will run through a catalyst and will be transformed into spare electrons and water.

In case it will be successful with the BMW i5 running on a hydrogen-cell system, the German carmaker will manage to provide the world with another important energy alternative, while this would be also a response to the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, which will be launched on the market in 2017.


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