BMW CSL Visual Concept

BMW M4 CSL Vision Concept Launched Online in Rendering

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The high-end BMW M4 Coupe model is ending up in our news again, this time the famous sports car being launched online in a rendering.

The rendering is showcasing the BMW M4 model in a CSL version along with some interesting details, being actually an interpretation of the so called BMW M4 CSL Vision Concept.

BMW CSL Visual Concept
BMW CSL Visual Concept

The BMW M4 CSL Vision Concept is on a standing process, as the carmaker has not confirmed the existence of such a model in the near future.

Even so, the BMW M4 CSL is said to shed some weight, meaning 170 kg loss compared with the present M4, as it uses carbon fiber and aluminum components for improved performance.

The BMW M4 CSL is also set to feature a sportier suspension system, with the interior to be fitted with lightweight racing seats.

The BMW M4 CSL is also equipped with a new set of alloy wheels, while under the hood, the engine lineup is also believed to come with some interesting upgrades.


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