2012 BMW 3-Series

BMW 2010-2012 Models Back in Factory for Loose Bolts

The BMW German luxury car manufacturer has issued a factory recall for its 2010-2012 models, which seems to have issued with its bolts.

The factory recall is available for particular vehicles being equipped with inline six-cylinder units, with around 156,130 being called back in factory all over the US.

2012 BMW 3-Series
2012 BMW 3-Series

The BMW dealerships all around the US will perform bolt fixes that hold the variable-camshaft timing unit housings in one place. Otherwise, there might be some chances of the bolts loosing or breaking.

2012 BMW 5-Series Gran Tourismo
2012 BMW 5-Series Gran Tourismo

Fortunately, in case of a bolt failure, the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light will appear, along with a message being displayed on the car`s dashboard.

2012 BMW X6
2012 BMW X6

BMW warns that the drivers would the affected cars should get to their dealerships immediately, even if there is a time limit for the car to drive around with the alarm light being switched on.

The BMW car manufacturer also states that if the company`s VANOS bolt system is beyond repair, than the engineers will switch the engine in order to be put on a safe-mode, until the parts will have been replaced.

BMW have already sent notifications to drivers owing 2010-2012 models for the 3-Series, 5-Series Sedan, 5-Series Gran Turismo, the X3, X5, X6 crossovers or the Z4 sports car.


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