BMW`s 1.6 D-4D for Toyota Verso

Toyota Uses BMW Diesel to Skyrocket Verso Model

BMW`s rival, Toyota has recently partnered with the German based automaker to equip the future Verso model with a diesel engine.

Even if the two automakers are rivals, collaboration between competitors are common when it comes to buy something from another, in order to be successful.

And Toyota really needs the diesel engine from BMW right now to help its Verso model being re-launched into the market for higher sales.

BMW`s 1.6 D-4D for Toyota Verso
BMW`s 1.6 D-4D for Toyota Verso

BMW will equip the Verso with a fresh new 1.6 D-4D diesel unit, which is supposed to help the Japanese manufacturer sell around 25,000 Verso unit per year.

Toyota is being manufacturing its Verso minivan in Turkey, providing two engine versions for the model, namely a 2.0-liter and 2.2-liter diesel engines, but with the increase demand for smaller diesels, BMW will equip the vehicle with its 1.6 D-4D unit.

The future partnership between Toyota and BMW does not concern the engine alone, as the two joint-venture are planning to develop a fuel cell system, research lithium air batteries, and also work on the next generation of lightweight body technology.

Perhaps the two automakers will be sharing a future supercar in the future.


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