BMW automated Parking Assistant

Fall of 2013 brings updated ConnectedDrive for 5 Series and X5

BMW’s ConnectedDrive feature has already built a strong following, bringing today’s driver closer to the permanent connectivity that is shaping up around the globe.

Pretty soon, the ConnectedDrive on 5 Series and X5 will be updated to include fully automatic Parking Assistant and Driving Assistant Plus which comes with Traffic Jam Assistant.

BMW automated Parking Assistant
BMW automated Parking Assistant

As you know, parallel parking can be quite the nuisance for some drivers, and for a while now, automated systems have started to emerge from car makers. BMW was one of them, and now they make available a fully automated Parking Assistant.

This new feature will have you turn the appropriate indicator on and hit a button, after which the system takes over. It works not only the steering wheel, but also the accelerator and brake while making sure you are in the correct gear.

As for the Traffic Jam Assistant, it is designed to help you in a highway environment, mostly. It is able to keep the vehicle at a preset distance, bringing it to a full stop if the need arises. It will also help you keep to your own lane, with slight modifications in steering (if you keep at least one hand on the wheel).

These upgrades for the ConnectedDrive feature will be available starting November on the BMW 5 Series and December for the BMW X5.


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