BMW iDrive

BMW makes iDrive even better

Sorry to be so frank and overly-flattering but there’s just no other way of putting it. An already brilliant system just got better.

Whoever BMW’s guys in charge of ergonomics and gadgets are they truly deserve a pint of beer and a pat on the back for a job well done.

BMW iDrive
BMW iDrive

It wasn’t always the best thing in the world either so considering what they’ve worked with, things become that much more impressive.

As gadgets get faster and technology improves, BMW’s iDrive system is capable of more and more features.

More importantly, thanks to improvements in touchscreen technology and some serious investments in user interface, all this new stuff is now so much easier to use.

BMW iDrive
BMW iDrive

Getting to the toys is helped along by the familiar iDrive knob, a touchscreen and a new touchpad. The latter can be used to input letters and will eventually get pinch to zoom and cursor functions when a web browser will be enabled.

Speaking of web browsing, the new iDrive comes with a 4G LTE hotspot that can provide your passengers with up to 150 mbit/s speeds and which is portable.

The truly impressive stuff however is in the navigation system. Now featuring a high speed processor, it can deliver maps with 3d viewing of everything around you.

BMW iDrive
BMW iDrive

All the usual BMW features from previous generations still exist, including the email and sms reader and all the connectivity options.

More importantly, the graphics on that iDrive screen are now so immersive you might find yourself staring at the screen just for fun. Not safe on the move, but still awesome when stuck at the lights.


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