F30 BMW 3 Series

BMW Group achieved record sales for Q1 2012

It’s another success story from the BMW Group’s sales department. April’s first week with us has been rather uneventful but it did bring along a new batch of results.

The 2012 Q1 results of the BMW Group once again have the word “record” attached to the title since it’s the best first quarter the Bavarians got so far.

F30 BMW 3 Series
F30 BMW 3 Series

As usual, the Mini and Rolls Royce brands had their say in the affair but we all know what the biggest slice of the pie is, our beloved BMW roundel.

In short, total sales over the first three months of 2012 saw the BMW Group shift more than 400.000 units. That amounts to a bump of 10% over last year’s previous record.

The considerable growth was achieved mostly thanks to two markets of tradition for BMW. China and the US market both had a respectable bump.

F30 BMW 3 Series
F30 BMW 3 Series

The American market was up 16.6% reaching 75.729 deliveries and what’s interesting is that one model is credited with having had this effect.

It’s obviously the newly introduced F30 BMW 3 Series. Alongside the new kid on the block, the X range SAVs and the F10 BMW 5 Series proved worthy children of the company.

Oddly enough, the growth BMW obtained in China is a lot more ambiguous than that. The press release mentions a “double digit” growth rate for Q1 2012.

F30 BMW 3 Series
F30 BMW 3 Series

At least they’ve told us they managed to shift “more than” 75.000 units to the Asian superpower. It’s still nowhere near hard accurate fact but it’s better than the percentage situation.

More growth is expected in Q2 as the BMW X1 hit the US market and the F30 LWB hit the Chinese one.


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11 years ago

lol, actually us americans can understand km just fine, cant you guys understand mph or something? your side of the pond may have a few better cars, but it doesn’t matter, because they can never reach there potential until they get over here and an american shows you how your supposed to drive them! don’t feel bad tho, its not your fault, its just genetic superiority.

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