BMW Vision smart fabrics

BMW to introduce clever fabrics inside their cars?

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Over the years, our favorite Germans have introduced plenty of innovative features that we’ve all loved without hesitation, so there’s no reason to stop anytime soon.

Their latest innovative toy manages to leave the usual borders of what we consider normally interesting or acceptable and instead focuses on the fabrics.

BMW Vision smart fabrics
BMW Vision smart fabrics

BMW, together with the researchers at the Polytechnic School of Montreal, Canada seem to think that we can interact with the cars we’ll buy the future.

It’s not going to be relevant how many of these techno-models or be sold or how soon they’ll go on sale but there’s a few interesting points to mention.

Obviously, the new idea focuses on the fabrics used for the interior accommodations per say, which has the Bavarians design new fabrics.

BMW Vision smart fabrics
BMW Vision smart fabrics

Not the sort that are soft to the touch, pleasant or durable but those which are smart. If everything goes according to plan, the interior of future BMW models will be able to be controlled in a new way.

Just stroke the backrests to adjust lumbar support, the sides to adjust height or position and this is just the beginning.

According to representatives of the Bavarian company, the new fabrics would lead to a cleaner interior design. Buttons and knobs would be banished from the passenger cabin.

BMW Vision smart fabrics
BMW Vision smart fabrics

The new fabric technologies can make the whole interior a touchscreen but there’s a major twist. With BMW’s new ideas, this interior can be washed like traditional fabrics.

This is something that was previously impossible and could be the final piece towards real life application of this sort of clever fabric.


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