2011 BMW 7 Series

BMW 730d L awarded with Chauffeur Car of the Year

It seems that the BMW 730d L gets once again the “Chauffeur Car of the Year” award from the Professional Driver magazine. We say this because the same model has been awarded two years ago by the same publication. The German flagship model managed to reclaim its crown against some serious rivals such as Jaguar XJL and Audi A8 L. As we can see, this category is dominated by models bearing the “L” badge which means that we talk about extended-wheelbase models.

2011 BMW 7 Series
2011 BMW 7 Series

“It was a very close contest, with the new Audi A8L winning praise for its comfort and good looks, and Audi’s chauffeur programme probably edges BMW’s. The BMW 730Ld offers an exceptional mix of comfort, rear-seat luxury and driveability,” said Mark Bursa, Professional Driver editor.

2011 BMW 7 Series
2011 BMW 7 Series

If you are interested to know the specs of the German model, you might want to find that 730d L is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel unit able to produce 245 horsepower.

2011 BMW 7 Series
2011 BMW 7 Series

According to the rankings, BMW 535d GT also gets the first place in the “Executive Car of the Year” category, followed by Jaguar XF and Audi A6.


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