A BMW X6 got damaged instead of cleaned at the car wash

Driving your (luxury) car to a car wash characterizes you as a caring person that want to give the car a better look. However, driving your car to a car wash might end not that “clean” as it should be, and we got an explanation here.

BMW X6 Crash
BMW X6 Crash

Somewhere in Minsk, Belarus, a car wash employee charged to wash cars thought that after cleaning the BMW model to take a ride until the owner will return to pick his vehicle.

BMW X6 Crash
BMW X6 Crash

The car wash employee will get a big fine for four big reasons. He was not owning a driving license, the gesture made it is considered theft, he was driving with 110 km/h on a public road but also he had an 1.78 per mille alcohol concentration in his blood. The man in question got fired from his job and he will probably visit a jail because he “borrowed” the X6 from the owner and damaged it.


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13 years ago

amazing what dumb people can do. What in Jesus’ name was he thinking? Imagine coming back to that req

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