Aluminium is BMW’s Card for Weight Reduction

Each and every car manufacturer is on the search for the ulimate building material that would givethem an edge. Some are lighter or heavier than others or have more or less resistance. But even if they are not used in the body itself if the material is not too tough, the car’s components can be made of that material. And this is just the case with BMW and aluminium.


A keen eye certainly recognized a growing trend over the years in BMW’s use of the metal. Aluminium provides several advantages. For one, it can be recycled and the most important part is that, by being easier than steel, it can be used to reduce the weight of a car, which is a very good thing if you want to be low on fuel consumption.

In the present day, up to 20% of the total weight of a BMW 5 Series comes from aluminium parts and not much time will have to pass before it will be implemented in hoods or wheels. Aluminium will have a bright future as far as BMW is concerned, especially with the hybrids.


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