Rumors about the 2011 BMW M3 competition package

Yes, there are some rumors about the 2011 BMW M3 competition package namely that it will emulate the M3 GTS which we talked about anything appeared on the internet so that if you want any other details, videos or anything like this, be sure that you will find it on the BMWcoop blog.

Unfortunately, for us, the Europeans the package will not be available or at last at the beginning but it will be available for the BMW M3 US owners. To describe the M3 GTS in few words, it makes the powerful BMW M3 to be much powerful and also to be perfect for races.

The package contains Alcantara interior, 19 inch wheels, a lowered suspension by 10mm and updated EDC sport and possible updated exhaust or transmission. The package is priced between $4,000 and $5,000 which is quite a low price to have your own BMW M3 GTS, at last I would buy it.


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