2011 BMW 5 Series GT has 6 cylinder option

This should be great news for those people that are more interested about how much fuel is using their car and less for the power that it comes with. Yes, I have news about a new engine option for the 2011 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo namely a 6 cylinder single turbo edition with direct fuel injection.

The power difference between this 6 cylinder single turbo and the 6 cylinder twin turbo is not much at all, actually is pretty small namely just 20 horsepower which you will not notice and I also come with other small great news namely that the torque delivered will be the same – 295 lb-ft.

To make you understand better the difference about the power, the 6 cylinder twin turbo can develop 326 horsepower while this new 6 cylinder single turbo can develop 306 horsepower so you will probably even not feel this difference or you will, when you pay money for fuel.


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