BMW M3 Convertible

BMW M3 Convertible
At this point, anyone is welcomed to try out the new BMW M3 Convertible at most BMW saloons. Unlike other M3s, this is the first one with a hardtop.

Yes, she is a beauty, but you need to think about the engine specifications first. The V8 4.0 L engine car offer you an amazing 420 bhp, making in one of the most powerful BMWs on the market. Not many convertibles can achieve what BMW has achieved with the BMW M3 Convertible. Obviously, BMW has decided to set the maximum speed at 155mph. In other conditions, the BMW M3 Convertible would surely reach a higher speed. This beautiful monster can also reach 62mph in only 5.3 seconds.

If you are willing to pay £54,655, you can buy your BMW M3 Convertible right now.
BMW M3 ConvertibleBMW M3 Convertible


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