Night of the White Gloves at BMW

Night of the White gloves
Today, 21st of November 2008, is the date of a special event which will take place at the BMW Museum. The people at BMW have a great surprise for any person who ever wanted to touch, not only see, the newest BMW concepts. This even couldn’t be possible without the help of the Bavarian Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People in Munich and Upper Bavaria.

Now, any person who couldn’t admire the wonderful BMW models visually, can have the chance of actually feeling them. There will be 120 cars and motorcycles which can be “tested” by the steady hands of each visitor. The oldest model is 90 years old.

The event will take place today, in Munich, at the BMW Museum. The white gloves are provided by the people from BMW.
Night of the White glovesNight of the White glovesNight of the White gloves


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