Details On BMW’s New Subscription Service

Getting A BMW When You Can’t Afford To Buy

The BMW name is synonymous with luxury. Few people would contest that. The brand features an entire fleet of that anyone would consider themselves proud to drive. Unfortunately few people are able to afford the kind of luxury prices that BMW charges for their automobiles, and there’s no shame in that. It doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of driving a BMW though. For folks out there that are determined, there is a new BMW subscription service that allows you to drive a BMW for a flat fee per month.

As of now, that flat fee is , a price that may not necessarily make a BMW more affordable to anyone in a certain budget range. Still, it gives people who can’t afford to buy hope of driving to work and to play in a brand new BMW of their choice. You can select from any of a fleet of subscription models that are available, and BMW makes it simple to pay your monthly bill and continue being able to drive your vehicle. You can sign up for as little or as long as you like.

Car Title Loans For Those Who Don’t Qualify For Credit

Like this new subscription service, give people who don’t have great credit or even any credit the opportunity to get a short-term title loan on their vehicle. This might be a great way to afford the $2,000 a month you might need to drive that BMW for one month of the year, and then you repay the title loan in a short period of time (usually 6 months or less).

These alternative payment options are freeing up an entirely new line of products for people who couldn’t afford them even a few short years ago. There might be a lot of reasons you’d need a BMW for one month but not for all the rest, and if you don’t have the cash down to put for that vehicle, title loans can very quickly put cash in your hand and allow you to spend it on such luxury.

Alternative Payments

Businesses have long been trying to free up new ways for people to afford their services and products. Thanks to the new BMW subscription model, people can drive a BMW for a month or for a year with no other obligation. It’s like subscribing to a month of luxury with absolutely no strings attached, and few things could be more appealing than that. As time goes on, expect other auto makers to pick up on BMW’s innovate payment model so that just about anyone can afford to drive the nicest luxury car for part of the year. Some things are just plain nicer, and in the automotive world, the BMW certainly classifies as something that is just plain nicer than the usual car or truck that people drive to work on a daily basis. As more people realize that they can effectively subscribe to a luxury car, the more people will spread the word, and it’s likely that many people will want to take advantage of this brand new payment model set up by BMW and those that follow their lead.


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