How to Know if You Have a Junk Car

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Is this your situation? You’ve got a car on your hands that’s not exactly in the best of shape. The older it’s gotten, the worse it looks and runs. At this point, it won’t even start up when you try to turn the key in the ignition. You’ve crunched the numbers, and you’re pretty sure that it’s actually costing you more than it’s worth.

There comes a time when it’s no longer worth spending even more cash on your old BMW vehicle. You know that it’s just a waste of your hard earned dollars. Maybe you’ve considered selling it, but you’re not entirely certain how you would go about it. Where would you find a buyer for it? Would the buyer even be interested? And, how would you describe the vehicle? What kind of shape would you say it’s in? Are you actually looking to sell a junk car?

It’s completely normal to be confused about the status of your old BMW. We’ve put together this quick and simple guide to help you determine whether or not you’ve got a junk car on your hands.

Is your vehicle drivable?

First and foremost, ask yourself the basic question: is my car in drivable condition?

This is more complicated than it might sound. For example, you might have a BMW that you can technically start up: with some coaxing and a little bit of effort, you can get the engine to fire up. But, it’s clearly unsafe to drive: the brakes are shot, the tires are flat, or something else is significantly wrong with it. If you’ve got a car that’s not safe to drive (or that refuses to start in the first place), it’s likely a junk car.

What shape is it in?

It’s a bit easier to determine whether your BMW is drivable than it is to figure out what its cosmetic shape is. You can use a guide like the Kelley Blue Book to rate your BMW’s condition. However, if it seems to be in worse condition than any of the suggested categories, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a junk car.

How much will repairs cost?

This is really the bottom line when it comes to determining whether your BMW is a junk car or not. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself: will it be more expensive to get it back in running condition than the car itself is even worth in the first place? Calculate the value of your car after making the repairs it needs to be functional. If the value of the vehicle post-repairs is less than the cost of the repairs themselves, then you’re almost certainly dealing with a junk car.

Don’t despair, though: even if you have a clunker on your hands, it’s possible to sell your junk car for some serious cash. Junk Car Traders can offer you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your vehicle, anywhere in the United States. Visit for more info.


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