Rolls-Royce Dawn Gets Impressive Styling Customizations from Wald International

The Japanese-based tuner Wald International is well-known for its outstanding projects carried out on lots of high-end models worldwide, and perhaps the latest noticeable one is the Black Bison aero package fitted on the BMW M5 Jahre Edition released a couple of months back.

Now, the technicians have added another outstanding project on their already impressive portfolio, the subject in question being no other than the exquisite and luxurious Rolls-Royce Dawn.

If you think it`s quite easy customizing a Dawn model, then you are in for a big surprise; the kind of styling detailing it comes with, makes it quite difficult for extra bits; but nothing is impossible for engineers over Wald tuner.

As we can depict from the photos below, the tuner`s kit includes lot of styling bits – custom front fascia with wider grille and L-shaped intakes on both sides, LEDs which are now vertically installed, center and much more prominent center inlet with new openings on the sides.

Other standout features also refer to bespoke side sills with gills behind the front wheels, new rear bumper at the back with updated diffuser and integrated exhaust system. The entire aero kit is complemented with the new 22-inch D41C alloy wheels, coming as well with five spokes and increasing the car`s overall aggressive look.

In the engine department, the Rolls-Royce Dawn by Wald International tuner has left the powertrain intact, meaning that we have got the same engine found on the Wraith as well, such as the massive 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 unit, developing an impressive 624 horsepower. This allows a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds, at a topping of 250 km/h.


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