How about a BMW Pick-Up?

The auto industry is fast developing, with a lot of carmakers trying to standout from the crowd with uniquely designed models. And the latest trend amongst the top notch carmakers seems to be the pickup truck body styling, lately seen on the Mercedes-Benz, the carmaker already announcing a pickup truck.

And why not seeing a BMW pickup truck soon enough, especially since it was first envisioned on this BMW M3 ute, almost 5 years ago, as the best April Fool`s Day Joke in the automotive industry.

Back in 2011, a BMW M3 pickup model was built and tried out at the Nurburgring. We are dealing here with a real M3 pickup with worthy performance: it used a 4.0-liter V8 enigne, developing the same 420 horsepower. With all that, BMW chiefs stated that the M3 ute was just a joke as the carmaker was not planning such a future truck.

Now the rumor mill of a future BMW pickup is back, as Marc Werner, BMW Australian Marketing Manager, told Australia Motoring that the chances of a pickup truck are still on. As he hinted: ”Never say never, we are watching the space closely”.

We are not sure if the carmaker is intending to offer a response to Mercedes-Benz`s already built-up fleet of cabs, trucks, unimogs or vans, which is a ”said and done deal”, but extremely hard for BMW. Even so, we are used to seeing the Bavarian manufacturer adapting to the market requirements, and even if it is busy building up high-end model after model, a pickup might be extremely welcomed amongst BMW fans.


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