BMW`s Sales in November Keeps the First Place Worm, Mercedes-Benz Falls 13 Percent Behind

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been on a constant duel concerning the supremacy of the luxury segment for many years, and now the latter might lose the close battle in favor of BMW, which reported a 3.2 percent in sales this November, as opposed to last November.

On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz falls behind for the same period, managing 13 percent sales, with just 30,043 units being sold in the US, and a total of 308,885 cars for the entire year. BMW managed to sell 32,003 vehicles, consolidating its leading position with 311,298 vehicles sold throughout the whole year.

To sum up, BMW leads this year`s sales with 2,513 vehicles over Mercedes-Benz, out of which 555 units being sold at the end of October.

Lexus is the third carmaker to achieve a 7 percent rise in November, with 29,340 vehicles sold, gaining an overall 12 percent for the entire year, as opposed to last year, with a total of 303,221 vehicles.

Asked if Lexus poses any threat for the remaining period of 2015, Eric Lyman, TrueCar Vice President, stated that “it’s something they could manage if they were willing to go nuts on incentives. But I can’t see them doing that just to get the sales crown.”


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