2015 BMW M3/M4

New-Gen BMW M3/ M4 Might Use a Plug-in Hybrid Powertrain

Everybody knows that BMW is a pioneer in developing high-performance powertrains for its exquisite models. And after revolutionizing the plug-in hybrid and the electric segments with the i8 and i3, the carmaker is trying a bold approach by including other famous names on the list.

BMW is trying to change the auto industry for good, and after launching the new BMW i3 and i8, both being improved from a technological point of view, the carmaker is reportedly planning some plug-in hybrid versions for the M3/M4 sports cars.

2015 BMW M3/M4
2015 BMW M3/M4

The rumors come from a report released by The Detroit Bureau magazine, which states that BMW is reportedly working on a next-gen plug-in hybrid version for M3 and M4, with the possibility of using this technology on other hot BMW models.

The same reports state that the future M3 and M4 would still use the same high-performance 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder engine under the hood, but would come with 100 Nm of torque more, thanks to the electric motor that would back it up.

The hybrid powertrain would also send the power to the front wheels, using as well the KERS recovery system which would allow both models a 32-mile range. An all-wheel drive layout is also in the cards, with the engine sending the power to the back and the electric motor sending the power to the front wheels.


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