2016 BMW 7-Series

2016 BMW 7-Series 750d xDrive Quad-Turbo Diesel Debuts Next Year

The 2016 BMW 7-Series was already unveiled about a month ago, the model being announced to come with a powerful array of engines under the hood, with a new one to debut next year as well.

The new powertrain will equip the 750d xDrive version, which is reportedly to be fitted with a quad-turbo diesel engine, also found on the future X5 M50d or the X7 M50d.

2016 BMW 7-Series
2016 BMW 7-Series

We are talking here about the so called B57 TOP engine, with four turbo diesels, in the shape of three turbos and an electrical one. Rumors have it that we might be looking at just four conventional turbos.

2016 BMW 7-Series
2016 BMW 7-Series

The 2016 750d xDrive will thus develop 402 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque, all the power being sent to all wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Unfortunately, we do not have the performance figures, but it will surely be more impressive than the 730d diesel, which is the most powerful diesel the 7-Series has come up with so far.

2016 BMW 7-Series
2016 BMW 7-Series

The 2016 BMW 7-Series brings aboard the all new six-cylinder inline petrol and diesel engine lineup, which is the latest creation of the engineers from BMW. They provide incredible efficiency, thanks to the BMW`s TwinPower Turbo technology fitted in the higher-performance V8 engine. And of course, it was almost imperative to come up with an all-wheel drive BMW xDrive.


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