BMW August sales

August rakes in the sales for BMW

With BMW vastly expanding their car lineup and adding completely new types of cars to the list, this year proved to be quite fruitful for the manufacturer.

August is a record holder considering BMW sales, as were a couple other months this year.

BMW August sales
BMW August sales

The magic number of cars which the German car maker managed to sell in August was a whooping 145.902 units. By comparison, August of 2013 only managed to sell 139.650 units, which is quite the difference. The relatively new Chinese market took a big chunk of that sales, making the Asia the best selling region for BMW.

This is the first time this is happening, but somehow it doesn’t seem that surprising. According to the press release, sales are still growing, and BMW officials are quite confident that they will manage to break the 2 million units sold in 2014. I have a feeling this will indeed happen, even if the end of the year is closing in.


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