BMW`s i3 Carbon-Fiber Cell Tested Out

BMW`s Fire Department Test Out Carbon-fiber Cell of the High-End i3

The professionals from the BMW`s fire department in collaboration with ADAC have conducted a test concerning the resistance of the carbon-fiber passenger cell, as they wanted to see how well it handled in case of some crashes.

The test carried by ADAC and the BMW`s fire department has revealed that the carbon fibers materials are pushing the limits of the rescue teams during a crash, as the carbon fiber has different properties than the usual metal components used for car manufacturing.

BMW`s i3 Carbon-Fiber Cell Tested Out
BMW`s i3 Carbon-Fiber Cell Tested Out

We are talking about the fact that dust is released into the air when cutting the carbon fiber panels, meaning that all the passengers must use dust mask for breathing, in order not to inhale the small particles.

After the test was carried out, the ADAC concluded that the passengers and the driver as well can be saved from an i3 just as fast as from any other BMW model, which is a good conclusion.

With all that, for more safety measures, ADAC recommends drivers to download the rescue card for their vehicles from and place it into the car, as a visible rescue card will speed up the saving process.


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