JustPark and MINI

JustPark Gives MINI Easy Parking

MINI is the first car in the world to take advantage of the JustPark online service, that allows its users to reserve their parking directly from their car`s dashboards.

With the help of the JustPark app, MINI`s registered drivers can now have the opportunity of navigating, finding and booking a parking lot, with a wide variety of places all over the UK.

JustPark and MINI
JustPark and MINI

JustPark system works extremely easy: you just have to browse a variety of parking spaces that you can find, from hotels to restaurants or pubs.

The next step would be search for parking details, prices and very important, check out the reviews of other people, to see if the place you find is indeed the one you are looking for.

Once you have decided over a certain parking place, your MINI`s navigation system will lead the way.

The JustPark online service is the app developed by JustPark and BMW i Ventures, which is that side of the BMW manufacturer dealing with the development of certain applications for improve mobility in crowded cities and not only.


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