BMW Is Reviving “The Hire” Short Films

BMW Is Reviving “The Hire” Short Films

After shooting some promos at the Sochi Winter Olympics, the BMW German based manufacturer is switching to films, with the revival of an old short series – “The Hire”.

Just 13 years ago, the short series of “The Hire” revealed a Clive Owen actor into his rising age piloting BMW units, which made the films be an instant hit on the future rising YouTube, with more than 100 million views.

BMW Is Reviving “The Hire” Short Films
BMW Is Reviving “The Hire” Short Films

The revival of the series was also confirmed by Trudy Hardy, the Chief Marketing Officer at BMW. As for what the series will bring fresh, it will all be kept secretly, as we don’t know anything about the future pilot, the future BMW products to be used or the story plot.

A lot of film directors have contributed to the old series` script, like Tony Scott, John Wo, Ang Lee or John Frankenheimer.

It doesn’t matter who will be running the series, aswhen it comes to the hot BMWs to be used in the upcoming series, we might speculate on the new products to be brought into the spotlights again.

Perhaps the top of the line fine products of the German automaker like the 4 Series, the 6 Series Gran Coupe or the i3 city car and i8 hybrid will be running the show.


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